November 1, 2007

good day, strange day…..

When things turned south I moved the ISIS stop up to BE. Shouldn’t have but I did, don’t know yet if that will turn out to be the right thing or not.

Did a round trip on STLD…in at 51.51 then out for -1R.

So that just leaves me with the DRQ position……………..real nice day!


November 1, 2007

round trip on JTX for – 1R

ISIS at 16.89

October 26, 2007

MOGN hit target at 33.11 for +2.07

Just DRQ left for now and it is coming real close to reaching it’s target.

October 23, 2007

CRK in at 34.58, out at 36.22 +1.64

In and out for 1R losses on MON and SII

In MOGN at 31.04

Out EMKR for a 1R loss

I show a current pause in the trend so will not be taking any new trades till the market straightens up.

76.1R since 9/25 and now hold just MOGN and DRQ

October 20, 2007

Just back…..drove over a bridge in Pensacola and went to see friends two blocks away. Ten minutes late the power goes out and we sit in the dark for an hour and catch up on old times. We drive west from there to Gulf Shores, had to stop a few times cause the weather is so bad the roads are flooded and the wind in shaking our motor home. That night we sit on the shore while more rain falls in 24 hours than ever before in recorded history (saying alot in Gulf Shores) and watch the TV reports of a tornado that hit the bridge we drove over. The house we were sitting in was just two blocks from all the distruction and we never knew it. The rain continued all night, it was like being in the center of a sqaul line for twelve hours. The rain on the roof was deathening, the lightening lit the sky in a constant blaze.

It was great fun!

As for stocks……heh!……..I was pleasantly surprised to see some good profits. I was lucky all around.

LKQX hit target at 36.10 for + 1.96

NWK  -.17

GTI – .20

SYNT -.46

CIEN -.22

ESRX hit target at 60 for +3.10

BYI -.28

BMRN – .36

I think that puts me up 74.5R since 9/25 but I will check the numbers tomorrow. Still have EMKR and DRQ

October 17, 2007

LKQX….nice open, out at 36.10

I am sneaking a peak from the road

October 16, 2007

Nope…..forgot NUAN   out for a .20 loss so that is 68.83R since 9/25. I think that clears it up.

Going out of town for a few days….. have OCOs on most everything.

October 16, 2007

BYI 37.68

BMRN 25.97

I think that catches up everything.

October 16, 2007

XMSR was taken out at 15.10 but I did not note it so here it is late  + 1.55

October 15, 2007

Add ESRX @ 56.90 and BYI @ 37.68